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About Us

about us

This radio station was created with the collaboration of many people all over the world coming from different backgrounds. We came together by creating entertainment and while being each in his or her particular experience. We give voice to talented people and to those who can offer other interesting projects concerning music, cultural events and social topics.

We are here to make sure that people enjoy freedom of speech. We want true radio to be taken away forever from all kinds of business.

This radio station is for all the people who believe in the importance of culture and in social aspects of life.


Optical News is the cultural meaning of the project.

Find out more information concerning art, cinema, and music. In Events find info about exhibitions, live gigs and parties.

If you would like to promote new projects, exhibitions and events, feel free to conatct us at news@opticalradio.net. If you find any mistakes and inaccurate content report it in our contact form.

DJ Profiles

Find out about the djs playing for Optical Radio.

In this section you can get to know much more about the dj's playing with us.

If you would like to become part of the Optical Radio tribe feel free to send your demo to contact: info@opticalradio.net Try to give us more info about you and your demo


Discover the true essence of Optical Radio's shows.

Optical Radio proposes different types of shows that cover the whole spectrum of music from Jazz to Hardcore.

Optical Zoo is the meeting point for bands and musicians. Find out how you can be a part of the journey all around the world. The whole week we have surprises so check the schedule for more details.