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Kenny Mulligan

Sinister Dark
Name: Kenny Mulligan
Genre:Acid House
Web site: Mixcloud

Glaswegian, DJ Kenny Mulligan, moved to London and in 1988, at the age of 15, came upon his first Acid House rave, connecting with the Acid House movement.
A year later he returned to Glasgow with his new collection of vinyl and his first DJ gig at the legendary Bat Cave (first Acid House venue in Glasgow). He then went on to play the harder and deeper sounds of Acid and Techno from Europe and Detroit.

In 1993, returning to London, he witnessed the birth of UK/London Acid Techno, following sound systems such as Virus, Jiba, Vox Populi, Insanity, Large Salad Discotheque, Spiral Tribe, Exodus Collective, Immersion and the Liberators DJs. He also formed the Acid Army crew with fellow DJs.

He has played on many events, festivals, clubs, Radio stations around the UK & Europe sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in dance , such as DJ Pierre, K A Shelby , 808 State, Joey Beltram, Aphex Twin , Jerome Hill, Dexorcist, Dave Angel , Frank De Wulf, Speedy J, Perc , Pet Duo, , 14 Anger, Minimum Syndicat R&S Records and Neil Landstrumm
His Club and Festival appearances to date include Deep Acid, Retro Traxx Festival, Pirate Club, Aurora Festival, Virus Sound System, DON'T, Surplus Festival , Future Boogie ( Scotland ), 44 CITY, Antidote , Elemental and many other warehouse underground raves in the UK .
Kenny has also built strong connections in Belgium , Holland and Greece, But In 2014 he finally returned back to Glasgow where he started a new harder Techno club night called THE WAX FACTORY and in London he started an experimental electronic regular event called RESONATE bringing together DJs and artists who play all genres across the electronic kingdom.

Recently in November 2015 Kenny launched a new record label called DIRTY SLATES RECORDS,With a 3 Track EP called Tenement Acid , and Follow up Ep called Hurricane Syd involving / house / revamped acid & techno.
With more releases on the horizon in 2016 going into the industrial / experimental / electro synth and anything weird territory.
Kenny has Worked under Aliases such as Dark Art Masquerade , Acid Army , Strange Mysterious Weirdo ,Von Oberon and Nocturnal Servitor.
Fulfilling a lifelong ambition he played at Glastonbury Festival in 2015.
DJ Kenny Mulligan
Warrior of the 303 and Authentic Techno

DJ Kenny Mulligan- Facebook Page

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