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Name: Matthieu-F
Nationality: French
Web site: Mixcloud

Matthieu-F has been spinning records and producing music since 1996. Involved with the early days of Malfaiteurs Sound system, Matthieu-F moved quickly into production and worked alongside a few producers in the London Underground Scene.

Matthieu-F has a highly contagious approached to music; his sets are always packed with surprises and all sort of quirky stuff. He is one of the resident DJ at ICE BAR London where you can catch him weekly there.

He is also behind Planet-Underground, a monthly radio show on Optical Radio, dedicated to discover new and hidden Techno talents from around the world. Matthieu-F also known as Sinn-Isster, his alter ego, concentrating on a darker style of Techno production.

Matthieu-F- Facebook Page

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