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Guy MCaffer

Name: Guy Geezer
Genre: alternative/experimental
Nationality: UK
Web site: Guy MCaffer

Having produced a vast range of music over the past 20 years. Over 500 records from numerous labels, travelled the four corners of the earth, playing music from rock to techno, dub to punk, i feel its time to catch up with the modern world and unleash a web site.

Along with my own label Raw im featured and have helped numerous record labels such as Stay up Forever, Cluster, Max min, Hydraulix, Top Shelf, 4X4, Smitten, Highwire, Powertools, Hazcem, TEC, Pounding Grooves, Routemaster, Tortured, CL Recordings, Jerk, Intensive, Bionic Orange, plus more that i cant think of now. Ive played in many bands such as Back to the Planet and toured and played with R D F, Subhumans, Oasis, Blur, Nirvarna, Levellers, Rough Rough & Ready and Hawkwind to name a few .

As 2008 comes to a close i feel i need to go back to my roots in music and combine the live aspect of music ie: punk rock and reggae with the now top shelf techno to create a new sound and push the fronters in electronic and live music.

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