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Optical Bedlam

Name: Optical Bedlam
Genre: Alternative
Nationality: London Bedlam
Web site: Facebook

Optical Bedlam consists of funkcutter, Jenny Runacre and L Blisset. Funkcutter and Blisset make up punkvert, an art AV thing and also are the founders of anarchistwood - a band you probably wish you never heard of....
Jenny, on the other hand is a truly rockin' actor, radio show host and all round good sport for putting up with Blisset. Jenny does the reviews and keeps the ship steady, funkcutter collects all the valuable data, works out logistics, scans the web for exciting sounds, plans executions, BOWWW! and, well, Blisset faffs about.
The technical duties of the show are kept in check under stringent control by ...THE ENGINEER. He came to this world many aeon's ago and left cave paintings for christian scientists to find.

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